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When you’re chasing a ball across the court or reaching for a slam, you need to be sure your footwear can support you the whole way. ASICS is one of the most popular makers of tennis shoes in the UK. Our footwear is trusted by professionals and serious enthusiasts alike for its advanced support, smart engineering and stylish contemporary design. Browse our collection of tennis shoes and find your perfect pair.

Tennis puts specific demands on your feet and footwork, so our tennis shoes are designed to meet these needs without putting your feet under strain. Choose trainers that are lightweight so you can move fast, that incorporate targeted GEL cushioning to absorb the impact of a heavy landing, and soles with a durable grip which won’t leave you slipping and sliding.

Once you’ve selected your trainers, match them up with our range of professional standard tennis clothing, or explore our unisex women's accessories for on and off-court. For the next Venus Williams or Rafa Nadal, check out our kids' tennis shoes too.