ASICS State of Mind study: United States

See how the U.S.'s results compare with the global research findings.

Key findings:

The State of Mind study shows the link between exercise and mental health. The more people move, the higher their State of Mind score is likely to be.

1. State of Mind score by level of physical activity.

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United States

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2. State of Mind score and level of physical activity by generation.

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United States

3. People think that 30 minutes of exercise is the minimum amount required to experience an uplift. ASICS’s research shows that 15.09 minutes could be all it takes.

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Global & the U.S.

Amount of exercise people in the U.S. think is needed for an uplift.

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ASICS research

Actual amount of exercise needed for an uplift based on ASICS research.

Further findings:


State of Mind Index in the U.S.

The U.S.’s overall State of Mind score is 59/100 and is ranked 14th out of the 16 markets surveyed.

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State of Mind Index by Gender

In the U.S., women have a lower score than men. 

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State of Mind Index by City

Los Angeles ranks as the U.S. city with the highest State of Mind score.

Activity levels:

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Minutes of Physical Activity a Week

People in the U.S. exercise on average for 150 minutes per week (which is 11th out of the 16 markets surveyed).

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Median Activity by Gender

Women in the U.S. exercise on average for 60 minutes per week less than men.

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Most Popular Activities

Walking is the most popular activity in the U.S., followed by running and strength training.


Move your mind, uplift the world.

Thousands of people have already contributed to ASICS’s Uplifting Minds research using the Mind Uplifter™ tool to quantify the impact of movement on the mind. See the difference movement makes to your own mental state.