With your marathon approaching, you’ll have lots of preparation to do, and that includes the practicalities of what gear to bring to the race.

Here is a simple checklist to help you avoid any last-minute disasters and make sure you appear at the starting line confident and prepared.

The Essential Marathon Checklist

Marathon Running Gear

Having the right marathon running clothes and gear can make all the difference in how you enjoy or stay comfortable during your run. Marathon shoes should give you plenty of support and running clothes like a marathon shirt and shorts (or pants) should be light and breathable. Dress appropriately in layers if the weather calls for it.

Marathon Accessories & Extras (depending on the weather):

Knowing what the weather will be like on marathon day can be unpredictable and impossible to know for sure, so being prepared for any outcome is your best bet. During the summer, shade and water are a must, and layers are definitely your friend in the fall and winter.

Before and After the Race

The marathon itself isn’t all you need to prepare for. Making sure you’re ready to go before and well taken care of after can make the entire marathon racing experience that much better. As always, knowing what to expect before and after the race is best, but you can never be too sure.

Personal Care

Lastly, make sure your self-care is prioritized and accounted for before, during, and after the race. Having these personal marathon items on you can be a life saver during those late miles of the race.  

Keep the checklist with you – download the race day checklist (PDF) and check out our collection of running gear to complete your list!