ASICS Medical Partnerships

ASICS partnership with Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) was established in 1996. This partnership allows for both parties to further enhance their efforts towards producing and recommending performance footwear products that are medically beneficial. ​

As part of this partnership, SMA assess and approves ASICS performance footwear that meet their strict performance criteria. This partnership between ASICS and SMA has also furthered our ability to be able to deliver quality footwear products that both enhance performance and provide protection for all levels of sport. As a result, we have also been able to form partnerships with the Australian Physiotherapist Association (APA) and the Sports and Exercise Podiatry of Australia (SEPA).​


SMA is the main sports medicine body in Australia that consists of members from all disciplines of medicine in sport, who also partner with various Australian Universities and medical bodies around the world, which allow ASICS access to a wide range of support and research.

The main body of physiotherapists in Australia, APA’s network of specific sports physiotherapists are hugely beneficial to ASICS, assisting ASICS with support and on research projects.


SEPA consists of various elite sports podiatrists from around Australia, whom we work with to develop performance footwear products they are then in turn able to suggest and recommend to their clients.


As part of ASICS’ endeavour to continuously lead in footwear development in a medical and technological front, we have partnered with various universities inclusive of but not limited to Melbourne University, Victoria University, University of Queensland, Wollongong University and the University of South Australia. These partnerships have allowed ASICS to be able to conduct joint research to develop and create new performance footwear products that are medically beneficial for Australians when playing sport.