Shop ASICS Women's Netball Shoes for ultimate support and agility

ASICS women's netball shoes give you an ultimate comfort experience on the court and enable better stability and control. Featuring a solid rubber, non-marking outsole for enhanced durability and a TWISTRUSS™ system for pivoting and direction changes, the new ASICS women's netball range offers the support you need on the netball court.

What type of women's shoes are used for netball?

When shopping for women's netball shoes, you want to look for footwear that provides enough support and protection to keep up with the high demands of your cross-court movements. Shoes with slightly wider platforms and an outsole that wraps over the edge of the midsole provide the stability and support needed on the netball court.

How do you choose the best netball shoes for women?

Not sure which women's netball shoe is right for you? Consider how you move across the court in order to choose a shoe that fits your needs. ASICS netball shoes come in a variety of models that are designed to accommodate different player characteristics. To get the best fit for your player type, read our guide for the best ASICS netball shoes for 2023 and head into the nearest ASICS store for a personalised fitting appointment.

What are the types of ASICS women's netball shoes?

There are multiple types of ASICS women's netball shoes, each offering their own unique set of features and benefits. Whether your focus is on speed, comfort, or support, you can check out this list to find a netball shoe that fits your needs:

Beginner models:

Comfort and support:



Can you wear netball shoes for walking?

Netball shoes are specifically designed to support lateral and quick movements to help improve your game. When you're walking, you're moving in a repetitive straight line which requires different features to provide optimal support and cushioning for that motion. For those reasons, it's recommended to wear netball runners for the sport and use walking or running shoes to ensure comfort and overall foot health.