Shop ASICS SWIFT STRIKE fast football boots in Australia.

About the ASICS SWIFT STRIKE™ Football Boots


Developed in collaboration with Australian football players and sports medical experts, the new SWIFT STRIKE™ football boots deliver a seamless blend of speed and protection. Move faster, make quicker transitions, and win more time on the ball in the SWIFT STRIKE™.


Who are the ASICS SWIFT STRIKE™ boots designed for?


The SWIFT STRIKE™ is a lightweight football boot that’s designed for players seeking enhanced agility and a closer-to-the-ground feel. The boot incorporates features such as HG5mm™ technology and FLYTEFOAM™ midsole cushioning, which provide lightweight protection and allow for a faster, more explosive performance.


Recommended by APA and Sports Medicine Australia


The SWIFT STRIKE™ football boots feature HG5mm™ technology, which offers the benefits of a heel raise while retaining the feel of zero platform boots. This helps reduce the load placed on your calf muscles and decrease strain on your lower limbs.

Through innovations such as heel gradient technology, ASICS has become the only football boot brand recommended by Sports Medicine Australia and the Australian Physiotherapy Association.