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Shop ASICS GT-2000™ 12 shoes in Australia

The new GT-2000™ 12 model is a versatile stability shoe that’s capable of handling shorter and longer distances. Featuring an updated midsole and guidance system, it’s ideal for any runner seeking a lightweight, stable shoe that offers premium underfoot protection.

Is the ASICS GT-2000™ 12 a stability running shoe?

Yes, the GT-2000™ 12 model is a high-performance stability shoe that offers support during every step of your run. The shoe features a new 3D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™, which provides adaptive, on-demand stability and a smooth transition from landing to toe-off.

What’s the difference between the ASICS GT-2000™ and GT-1000™?

The FLYTEFOAM™ cushioning found in the GT-1000™ model has been replaced with full-length FF BLAST™ PLUS midsole cushioning in the GT-2000™, offering enhanced comfort and support. The GT-2000™ model also features rearfoot PureGEL™ technology in place of the GEL™ technology used in the GT-1000™. Other features that set the GT-2000™ model apart from the GT-1000™ include the new 3D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™, which provides advanced stability for a smoother stride, and the AHAR™ LO-HRD outsole material, which helps improve resistance against wear.

About the GT-2000™ 12 shoe’s carbon footprint

In our effort to create a brighter tomorrow, we have committed to reduce our CO2 emissions throughout the value chain. The GT-2000™ 12 model has a carbon footprint that is 21% lower than the industry average, reflecting our dedication to preserving the environment for future generations.