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What are the best clothes to wear for running?

When choosing running clothing for your next workout, It’s important to consider comfort, breathability, and fit. Consider what types of clothing you usually feel comfortable in, and also the weather conditions you expect during your typical runs. For example, if you run inside on a treadmill you might want to avoid baggy or loose-fitting clothing, and if you run outside in a hot climate you might want to choose something with more breathability like clothing with ASICS ACTIBREEZE Technology.

Do I need special clothes for running?

Having purpose-designed clothing for running can allow your body to move freely, increasing your comfort which can in turn help to improve running performance. Look for seamless construction to reduce chaffing if this is an issue you sometimes face. ASICS running clothing is designed with running in mind, featuring various ASICS technology to help it be lightweight, quick-drying, breathable, or may also include reflective details to increase visibility in low lighting. Click onto each product to see the ASICS technology featured in that style.