What makes GEL-QUANTUM 360™ so comfortable?

With a full 360 degrees of GEL™ technology underfoot, the GEL-QUANTUM™ 360 sneaker is the epitome of comfort and style in the GEL-QUANTUM™ range. The shock absorption of the cushioning filled with GEL™ technology is a major advancement in shoe design and performance, continually improved by ASICS Institute of Sport. Read more about GEL™ technology on our blog.

Is GEL-QUANTUM ™ 360 a running shoe?

No. ASICS GEL-QUANTUM™ 360 is an everyday shoe, designed for fashion and all-day comfort. While many of ASICS’ performance technology advancements have been utilised in the design of GEL-QUANTUM™ 360 sneakers, these add comfort and support to your daily shoe. For the ultimate running experience, it’s always a good idea to find the right shoe for your purpose – take the quiz with our Shoe Finder.