The story of ASICS begins with a simple belief: That a run is more than a workout. That a match is more than a competition. That sport is more than a game.​

It’s the belief that every time we push our bodies, sweat, and run out of breath—we get happier. And that no matter what, we can find light if we choose to move.​

Every day is a fresh start. Lace up your shoes and go meet it.​

Hosted by ASICS Ambassador and TV Presenter Teigan Nash, the Sound Mind, Sound Body Stories podcast will be a 12 episode series launching on 8th June, 2021.​

With the end in sight for Covid19, the Australian sporting landscape is back in action and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, the Sound Mind,Sound Body Stories podcast will talk to athletes across multiple sporting disciplines about their journey to reach their goals, and their ‘why’ and ‘how’ they move for a sound mind and a sound body.​

Each athlete has a story to tell about how they work to achieve balance in their lives and what helps them to keep a sound mind as well as a sound body.


Episode 2 - Caitlin Basset

This week we talk to Caitlin Basset one of Australia’s most influential and most capped Netball players.

Caitlin’s story is an inspiring tale of perseverance, hard work, sacrifice and kindness.

For Caitlin, Sound Mind in a Sound Body is all about balance and she speaks to us about how she strives to achieve that equilibrium.

Previous Episodes

Episode 1 - Meg McClurg

Our first guest on Sound Mind Sound Body Stories is Meg McClurg, a psychologist with “To The Edge High Performance Centre”.​

​On this episode, Meg provides us with a better understanding of how important physical activity is to our mental health, and how our emotions can directly affect us physically, on and off the field.


About Teigan Nash

Like the guests on this podcast, Teigan Nash has had to find ways to overcome the obstacles she faces daily as well as dealing with more serious health challenges.

She understands that a healthy mind and body are integral to achieving any kind of success in sport and in life, so through her chats with her guests on Sound Mind, Sound Body Stories she will distil what it is that has helped each athlete on their adventure to get to where they are today.​

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