Find your speed.

More turbo. More propulsion. More traction. More...SPEED.
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The METASPEED™ SKY+ and METASPEED™ EDGE+ shoes are designed to make your fastest runs even faster. With cutting-edge technologies and the latest in athlete testing, we’ve designed a series of shoes tailored to the way you run.

See how we made fast even faster.

Featuring our lightest, most-reactive FF BLAST™ TURBO cushioning , a full-length carbon plate , ASICSGRIP ™ technology and a better midfoot hold , the METASPEED™+ Series is waiting to help you find your speed.

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Which shoe is right for you?

Stride runners increase their speed by lengthening their stride. Cadence runners use a combination of longer strides and more steps per minute to speed up their runs.

Which type of runner are you? 
Watch the video to find out.

The METASPEED™+ Series — shoes designed for the way you run.

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Optimized for aerial propulsion , the METASPEED™ SKY+ shoe features our most reactive FF BLAST™ TURBO cushioning and a full-length carbon plate to help lengthen your stride.

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Light, bouncy FF BLAST™ TURBO cushioning combines with a full-length carbon plate and a curved-sole design to give the METASPEED™ EDGE+ shoe increased forward propulsion .

Fast was found.

Watch as ASICS athletes push their limits and blast off to new personal bests in the new METASPEED™+ Series shoes at the META : Time : Trials event in Malaga, Spain on April 24.

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Athletes who redefined the word speed

Yeshi Kalayu Chekole

Female Half Marathon Winner

Yeshi Kalayu Chekole / Ethiopia / Time - 01:07:30*


Sunrise red

Female 10K Winner

Vicoty Chepngeno​ / Kenya / Time - 00:31:39

Female 5K Winner

Eilish McColgan / United Kingdom / Time - 00:14:45*

*PR / National Record

Mohamed Reda El Aaraby Half Marathon winner

Male Half Marathon Winner

Mohamed Reda El Aaraby / Morocco / Time - 00:59:54*


Tsegay Kidanu Reda

Male 10K Winner

Tsegay Kidanu Reda / Ethiopia / Time - 00:27:14*



Male 5K Winner

Mohamed Katir / Spain / Time - 00:13:20*