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Rewards For Marathon Motivation

Rewards For Marathon Motivation

November 14, 2016 / ASICS Australia

Training for a marathon is a serious commitment. Once you sign up, be prepared to log hundreds of miles and be forced to skip out on the occasional happy hour with friends as you prioritize your race goals.

You’ll run into days where you ask yourself where can i find the motivation to go running. The end reward is definitely worth it when you cross that finish line knowing you’ve accomplished a goal many people have never even dreamt of. but Yet, race day is a long way away ahead. Here are some smaller rewards for marathon motivation that will give you a positive mindset.

Buy A New Running Outfit:

More weekly runs means a never-ending pile of laundry. If you need new running gear, make it a point to go shopping after you complete and recover from a long run, especially if it was particularly hard or if you debated skipping. There’s nothing like a new running outfit to motivate you to stick with your hobby. Shop the full collection of running clothing and shoes from ASICS for men and women .

Celebrate With Dinner:

Chances are, you’ve had to excuse yourself from the occasional after-work drink with friends or a lazy weekend brunch with the family in order to stick to your training plan. About two months into marathon training, make a point to set up a fun dinner with friends and family to celebrate making it halfway; you’ll be able to spend quality time with those who are supporting you while you relax and decompress.

Sign Up For A Shorter Race:

Measuring your progress with a shorter race in the midst of training is both savvy and fun. Sign up for a 10K if you want to test your pace or gather a group of friends and enter a fun run if you just want to blow off steam in a healthy way. Registering for a half marathon as you ramp up your miles is also a great way to try out your race-day strategies, dampen nerves, and break up your routine. If you’re coming running a half close to your full marathon day, be sure to wear the gear you’re planning on running in during the marathon so you can test out its performance.

Upgrade Your Running Playlist:

Long runs can lead to hours of distraction, and music is the perfect thing to fill that time with. But if your favorite running playlists is getting stale, set aside a chunk of time and a little money to pull together some great workout tunes. Do it on an afternoon after a long run, or as a reward for making it to a certain mileage goal. The next time you head out, you’ll be glad you spent the time choosing a bunch of new songs that will make the miles fly by.

Go For A Spa Day:

It’s not just indulgent, regular massage during training helps keep muscles supple and knot-free, as well as increases your flexibility so you become a better runner. So go ahead, schedule a relaxing, rejuvenating spa day to reward yourself for hitting a mileage goal. One thing to note, if you haven’t been getting regular massages during your training routine, don't schedule one the week before your race. You won’t know how your body will react and you don’t want to introduce any unknowns into your training plan so close to the big day.