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5 Ways to Vary Your Running Training Plan

5 Ways to Vary Your Running Training Plan

November 26, 2017 / ASICS Australia

Make sure your running doesn’t become repetitive or boring by introducing as much variety as possible to your running training plan.

ASICS PRO Team Running Coach Bud Baldaro talks about 5 styles of running that can help mix things up:

1. Steady Running

This one is self-explanatory – it’s about running at a nice and relaxed pace.

2. Speed Running

Mix speeds and intensities, as well as the length of the effort. This is a great way to run in parks, forests and trails. You can make your running training as hard or easy as you like.

3. Hill Running

This is a demanding form of training, but so satisfying when you meet the challenge of a hill. You could run over a hilly circuit or do hill reps for a specific number of times on a flatter route.

4. Interval Training

To take your running training plan to the next level, run a certain distance in a target time, and then have a measured recovery time, either coming to a complete rest or just lowering the intensity. The high intensity part of this run should be at or close to your limit. Make sure you have the right running shoes to optimize your interval training performance.

5. Recovery Running

Take your running training to a relaxed pace. The real key is getting the balance right, so alternate hard training days with easy days.