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Desk Exercises You Can Do At Work

Desk Exercises You Can Do At Work

November 14, 2016 / ASICS Australia

We get it. Finding the time to work out between job, family and other commitments can be a difficult, even impossible feat during the week.

Enjoying a long trail run or making it promptly to your favorite exercise class on the weekend is typically not an issue, but during the work week, time for fitness gets pushed aside in the presence of more seemingly pressing obligations. As we continue to spend our Mondays-Fridays sitting at a desk, we become part of the 80% of people that fall short of the recommended 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week

The reality is that you can find time to work out even during the nine-to-five daily drill of the job. In fact, the National Association for Health and Fitness and ACTIVE Life has dedicated the entire month of May to making sure employees stay active at work and encouraging a power walk during their lunch breaks or trying walking meetings. On May 20th and the rest of the month, try getting creative with carving out time for exercises you can do at work to achieve a sound mind and sound body.

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