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The Importance of Core Stability in Your Training Regime

The Importance of Core Stability in Your Training Regime

November 18, 2017 / ASICS Australia

Core stability is important to any runner's training regime, helping you to avoid injury and improve performance – Sarah Connors, ASICS PRO Team Physiotherapist, explains why you should improve your core.

Your core is comprised of the trunk and pelvic area, which is supported by special muscles called stabilizers. Your core’s job is to maintain neutral posture and resist gravity, both at rest and during movement. The main core stabilizers are:

  • Deep-set transversus abdominis
  • Bottom or gluteal muscles
  • Lower back muscles

Each has its own specific role, but collectively they act as a cylinder to stabilize the spine and pelvis.

If these muscles don’t work properly, then the key movers of the body, such as the hamstring, take on the stabilizing role in addition to their main role. This overloads the muscle and can result in injury. Core exercises are a key part of running training regimes, helping you to keep the back straight, the pelvis still and your posture correct. A strong core can prevent injuries and fatigue, thus optimizing performance.

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