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Faster Training Recovery for Runners with Boosted Circulation

Faster Training Recovery for Runners with Boosted Circulation

September 24, 2017 / ASICS Australia

Blood circulation is essential to running, because the more oxygen you can circulate around your body the better your muscles will perform and recover.

For runners, proper blood circulation is the number one way to reduce muscle fatigue.

There are some things that runners can do to boost circulation and maintain faster muscle recovery, including wearing the proper training clothes and maintaining a full warm-up and cool-down, as well as good form, while training.

Compression Clothing For Running

As well as reducing muscle vibration, compression clothing also increases blood flow – it does this by applying pressure to blood vessels so that they open with more force, getting more blood and oxygen into the compressed muscle.

This helps your muscles recover both during and after training sessions. The huge benefit to you is that you’re ready to train again much sooner than if you’d not worn compression clothing.

What To Wear – During And After

Compression running gear supports your muscles while you run. It also speeds up muscle recovery after running. But with ASICS’ compression clothing, you can use the same piece of gear for running or recovery.

  • Compression socks provide graduated compression to boost circulation to your feet and calves. You can keep these on for your run, or throw them on once you’re back.

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  • Compression running tights are designed for performance and fast times. Compression tights work by applying pressure to muscles and getting much-needed blood circulation going. They are are also completely un-restrictive and lightweight.

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Warm Up, Cool Down, Stand Straight

Compression clothing can go a long way to improving your circulation. But there are tweaks to your running style and routine that can make a big difference, too.

  • Warm up before every run so that your heart gets pumping and you never start a run from a resting heart rate
  • Cool down with light jogging or walking so that you don’t go from high activity to nothing right away – this doesn’t promote good circulation

Keep good posture while you run – don’t slouch over or clench your firsts. Both can restrict circulation around your body.

Along with these options we offer in compression clothing, come view our full selection in running shoes to help push your performance and ability.

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