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Top 10 Marathon Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 Marathon Mistakes to Avoid

August 6, 2017 / ASICS Australia

Sarah Connors, ASICS Running Clinics Pro Team’s Physiotherapist, shares with us the top 10 common marathon mistakes.

1. Don't Do Too Much Too Soon

It’s really important to build up slowly and follow a structured program.

2. Make Sure You Have Enough Time To Build Up A Good Base

Don’t start training for the marathon 2 months before. Give yourself the time you need to steadily meet your end goal.

3. Make Sure Don't Wear Old OR Ill-Fitting Trainers

Old trainers will have lost all their stability and shock absorption. Make sure you wear the correct trainers for your running type to ensure the correct support. Find the right pair of ASICS running shoes for you.

4. Don't Wear New Trainers On The Day Of The Race

It’s a recipe for disaster and blisters! You’ll want to break them in a bit.

5. Make Sure You Vary The Surfaces You're Running On

You can add some cross country and trails. Don’t run in the same direction all the time as the camber on the road will change your mechanics.

6. Don't Do Too Many Long Runs

Build up to one long run as your schedule suggests and don’t try to do a marathon distance every week.

7. Add Quality To Your Training

Don’t just do steady runs. Mix it up with different distances and speeds to get the best from your training.

8. Make Sure You Take Enough Recovery

A tired body won’t train well and is more likely to get injured.

9. Don't Ignore Niggles

Rest and ice for 24 hours, then start some easy stretching. If the pain doesn’t ease, don’t try and run through as it will turn into a serious injury that will need a lot more rest.

10. Make Sure You Taper Before The Race

Not doing this means you won’t be recovered enough to perform optimally. Make sure your last long run is 3 weeks before the race.

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