ASICS Her Story Collection

The inspiration behind the Her Story Collection celebrates real women and their authentic stories. Learn more about Chaima El Haddaoui, Sofia Solamente and Anna Sian on their journey to achieve a Sound Mind, Sound Body in the JAPAN S™ PF sneaker.



Chaima Haddaoui

A Dutch model and creative who is just as suitable in front of the camera as she is creatively directing powerful stories. Her most recent work Marry the Night is a beautiful and empowering look into the way people create perspectives of others that aren’t a true reflection of one’s personal identity.

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Sofia Solamente

Based in Tokyo, Sofia is a ceramic artist and teacher and through her intricate style of ceramics, she has travelled from Mexico to New York. Teaching shares and creates empathy to those who view her incredible work. Her dedication to teaching is an important trait to build empathy amongst those who see her work.

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Anna Sian

The creative pioneer – a photographer, consultant, marketer, podcast promoter and creative of the female creative collection, Eddie. Her portfolio hosts a number of incredible and successful projects working with the like Staple Design, VSCO and Imprint Projects

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The inspiration behind the Her Story Collection comes from real women and their authentic stories. Learn more about Marisa Yusakawa, Jennifer Pauline and Devon Suriya on their journey to achieve a Sound Mind, Sound Body™ in the GEL-1130™ sneaker.



Marisa Yusakawa

A Tokyo based creative and multifaceted artist. She inspires women in her community through female empowerment. Her other interests include make-up, music and fitness.

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ASICS_AW21_SPF_HER-STORY_Landing-Page- Jennifer Pauline

Jennifer Pauline

Using storytelling as a critical element in her approach, this LA-based entrepreneur is the founder of a support system for creators bringing empathy and perspective to our world. The concept of storytelling is critical to many things and her approach brings immense value to old and new audiences alike.

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Devon Suriya

A Dutch dancer with power and grace she communicates her emotion and form beautifully through her dance. She supports the likes of global artists such as Dua Lipa, Akon and En Vogue beautifully through her dance.

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