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Live Uplifted Ambassadors

Live Uplifted: Meet our ASICS Ambassadors

March 10, 2022

ASICS is excited to announces the launch of the company's newest brand campaign, 'Live Uplifted.' This new campaign will serve as an extension of the brand's founding ethos and mantra, "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body."

The Live Uplifted campaign reinforces ASICS' commitment to moving both the body and the mind. Channeling our founding principle, we'll aim to celebrate those creating an impact and uplifting the world through sport.

To kick off, ASICS will be rolling out a series of content featuring a group of diverse and inspiring storytellers from throughout North America. These storytellers are utilizing the power of running in their communities to bring people together and make a meaningful impact.

Our 2022 ASICS Uplift Ambassadors

Lance Woods

Live Uplifted Ambassador Lance Woods

Lance's journey as a runner began as a way of clearing his head, an example of someone channeling the connection between body and mind. A native of Detroit, MI, Lance has always dreamed of a better life for his family and friends. It wasn't until Lance left home for college that he realized he could facilitate the change he wanted to see for those in his hometown. Lance, alongside co-founder Joe Robinson, founded WeRun313, the premiere run club of Detroit with over 2,000 participants, each striving to reach a common goal of creating a happier and healthier community.

Judge Craig Mitchell

Live Uplifted Ambassador Judge Craig Mitchell

Over 25 years ago, Judge Craig Mitchell ran his first race, a relay, at the request of his boss in the District Attorney's Office. Little did he know how impactful running would become in his life. In 2012, Judge Mitchell was introduced to Midnight Mission in Los Angeles from a young man he had sentenced to prison. That introduction would sprout the foundation for the Skid Row Running Club. Through the club, Judge Mitchell's mission is to encourage running as an outlet for those in the community who want to overcome alcohol and drug abuse problems. To this day, Judge Mitchell joins the group for weekly runs and continues to advocate for rehabilitation through the sport of running.

Major Kim “Rooster” Rossiter

Live Uplifted Ambassador Major Kim “Rooster” Rossiter

Retired U.S. Marine Major Kim "Rooster" Rossiter's life was changed forever in 2007 when his daughter, Ainsley, was diagnosed with infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy, a rare progressive developmental disorder. In 2008, Major Rossiter witnessed the face of his wheelchair-bound daughter light up with joy and excitement during on an oceanside run. Ainsley has since passed, but that moment led to the creation of Ainsley's Angels, a national non-profit dedicated to building all-inclusive communities, providing exceptional opportunities and experiences for disabled athletes.

Lupita Hernandez

Live Uplifted Ambassador Lupita Hernandez

U.S. Marine Lupita Hernandez understands firsthand the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body. Lupita started running as a way to combat her struggle with PTSD and depression. In 2018, Lupita's passion for running propelled her to begin "Run for Their Lives," an ultra-marathon aimed at PTSD awareness. "Run for Their Lives” is a 200-mile run that features Lupita planting one flag each mile in honor of a lost veteran. Lupita hosted a "Run for Their Lives" in January of 2022 and raised over $3,000 for PTSD awareness.

Tenia Fisher

Live Uplifted Ambassador Tenia Fisher

Running has been Tenia Fisher's escape since she was a kid. Originally used to explore and attend college on an athletic scholarship, Tenia would later find greater purpose from the sport. Based in Milwaukee, WI, Tenia now serves as the lead captain of F.E.A.R. (Forget Everything And Run), a group aimed at bridging the fitness gap and ensuring that runners of color feel welcome and accepted.