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The Technology Behind the GEL-KAYANO® 30

The Technology Behind the GEL-KAYANO® 30

December 27, 2023

Take a look at what makes the GEL-KAYANO® 30 running shoe ideal for distance running with ASICS technologies that provide support, comfort, stability, and durability.

Gel-Kayano 30 shoe in white

The Technology Behind the GEL-KAYANO® 30


GEL-KAYANO® shoe is designed with ASICS engineering that implements a combination of features to create a cool, comfortable shoe that provides optimum stability. The newest GEL-KAYANO® 30 running shoe is tailored with GEL® technologies in pivotal areas of the foot to provide maximum support and comfort. Its unique shock-absorbing architecture aims to reduce injury and impact on the body when running.

Notable Details


The GEL-KAYANO® 30 running shoe provides stability and helps reduce impact on the foot and the entire kinetic chain. 


Comfortable Heel  

This shoe features a low-profile external heel counter, which provides unique support for the rear foot for a more comfortable stride. PureGEL™ technology is strategically positioned below the heel and is 65% softer than the standard GEL® technology, making your distance training feel surprisingly smooth.


Supportive Midsole 

The midsole has been updated with FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning, which is lightweight yet supportive, giving you a springy transition into each stride. We've also added the new 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™ to the inside of the midsole to provide adaptive stability. Because it is an adaptive foam, it helps reposition your arch after each impact for a more supportive stride.


Shock-Absorbant Rearfoot 

In the rearfoot of the GEL-KAYANO® 30 running shoe, we've added PureGEL™ technology to absorb the impact of each footstrike and give you a more balanced stride.


The stability offered by GEL-KAYANO® shoe can increase confidence, and help you push past plateaus and get new PRs. The precision comfort and stability of the unique cushion structure are tailored specifically for distance runners, and the reliable, lightweight nature and durability of the shoe can allow you to use these shoes through high mileage.

Gel-Kayano 30 Technology and specs

Technology and Material

A combination of ASICS technologies and advanced materials make the GEL-KAYANO® 30 running shoe not only comfortable and supportive but eco-friendly as well, continuing our commitment to deepen your ability to maintain a sound mind within a sound body.


Cooling Sockliner 

The knit upper portion of the GEL-KAYANO® 30 running shoe is meant to cool the foot and let it breathe to reduce the effects of sweat and heat on your feet when running. Its OrthoLite™ X-55 sockliner improves comfort during your runs.


Excellent Sustainability 

This shoe is sustainably created, with at least 70% of the upper region made with recycled resources to cut down on carbon emissions and waste. The solution dyeing procedure used to produce the sockliner allows for 33% less water usage and 45% less carbon emissions. Plus, the FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning is made with about 24% bio-based materials to give you cloud-like comfort.

2 runners running on a path outside in Gel-Kayano 30 shoes

Long Distance Running


The GEL-KAYANO® running shoe is designed for long-distance running, providing you with advanced stability and cushioning properties for 5ks to full marathons. The technology to reinforce the foot and keep the foot in line during stride is technology that makes the GEL-KAYANO® 30 shoe such a great match for any runner. If you’re looking for a distance running shoe with valuable support and shock absorbance and lightweight, sustainable materials that can make you feel like you’re gliding with each stride, take the GEL-KAYANO® 30 on your next run.

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