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About the ASICS METASPEED™ SKY+ series

Gain speed in ASICS METASPEED™ SKY+ in Australia, the racing shoes for longer strides all the way to the finish line.

What is the ASICS METASPEED™ SKY+ best for?

ASICS METASPEED™ SKY+ is for runners who lengthen their strides to run faster. If this is you, you'll appreciate the taller midsole and FF Blast™ Turbo cushioning that enhances your forward spring to help extend your stride. You'll take fewer steps to get to the finish line with a full-length carbon plate to provide stability and propulsion. The ASICSGRIP™ outsole gives you the extra traction you need and the breathable soft mesh upper keeps you comfortable on race day or any day you want to run your best.

What is the difference between ASICS METASPEED™ SKY+ and EDGE+?

Choosing between ASICS METASPEED™ SKY+ vs EDGE+ depends on your running style. If you run faster by lengthening your stride, you will appreciate ASICS METASPEED™ SKY+. If you both lengthen your stride and increase your cadence, the METASPEED™ EDGE+ is designed to support both.

How many miles do ASICS METASPEED™ SKY+ racing shoes last?

While the number of miles under your feet will affect how long ASICS METASPEED™ SKY+ last, they are not the only factor. Your weight, height and running habits matter. Using your ASICS super shoes on the treadmill won't cause as much wear as running on dirt trails or asphalt. Your running technique also affects wear. If you have pronation, you'll wear out your ASICS faster than a neutral runner.

Inspect your running shoes at least monthly. Look for uneven tread wear, support that feels too soft, and creases at the midsole. If you start feeling a bit sore or your feet are uncomfortable after a run, it is time to think about replacing them.