ASICS 2024 Football Range

From confident to conquering. Anything is possible when you move your mind with ASICS.​

High-tech boots for optimum performance at training and on game day. Advanced features including heel raise technology helps relieve stress on the legs.​

The 2024 range is available in stores and online now.



Light and fast. Suitable for players looking to move with speed to outpace the opposition.



Freedom through Protection. Suitable for players looking to move with freedom while feeling additional support and protection at training or at match.



Tough and Precision. Suitable for players looking to move with precision so they can optimally set up or react to key game moments.


From Confident to Conquering


Lessen Risk of Football Injury without Sacrificing your Performance

Here at ASICS, we maintain our approach of protecting football players through superior research and development. 

HG10mm is a 10mm Heel Gradient (or rise) which can help alleviate stress on the lower limbs. It shifts the wearer forward in a position to engage the first metatarsal, or ball of the foot - putting them in a better or more responsive position to take off and/or change direction.

In recent years, across all codes and at all levels - injuries to the lower limbs have become all too common on the football field. Especially on the firm ground surfaces we have in Australia. By alleviating the stress on the lower limbs, ASICS HG10mm aims to lessen the potential risk of injury while delivering fast response and performance to the wearer.


From Active to Energised

ASICS Kids football shoes are made for active kids. Built to last and provide comfort for growing feet. 

Equipped with ASICS heel raise HG10mm technology, means their legs won’t get heavy even when the games do.