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Best ASICS Shoes for the Gym

Best ASICS Shoes for the Gym

January 3, 2024

Explore our recommendations for the best ASICS shoes for comfort and support to wear in the gym for running, yoga, weight lifting, and other indoor activities.

Best ASICS Shoes for the Gym


Having the right footwear for exercise is critical no matter what you like to do. Wearing the right shoe will keep you comfortable, as well as reduce aches and pains long after your gym time is complete. Discover more reasons to choose the right shoe for your gym activities and explore our recommendations for the ideal ASICS shoes for indoor running, walking, playing volleyball, weight lifting, and more.


Why It's Important to Match Your Shoes to the Activity


The right shoe provides your feet and entire body with proper support and safety. For example, trail runners may need a shoe with a little bit more durability and cushion than someone who goes on long walks. A person who likes to lift weights may need a flatter shoe than someone who does distance running.


This all has to do with the nature of what the foot is doing during physical activity. For sports requiring weight bearing or agility, you want to be as close to the ground as possible, with a bit of added protection since too much of a heel or cushion could lead to injury. The same applies in reverse. Someone who puts in a high amount of mileage every week would likely want a shoe that is durable and comfortable enough to withstand the activity they’re going to put the shoes through. 


Identifying what activities you want to participate in is the first step when deciding what footwear is best for your lifestyle. If you love all types of gym exercise, you may want to consider an all-purpose shoe that can keep up with your various sports and activities. If you’re a walking, running, or weightlifting enthusiast, you may want something more specific. It all depends on your needs and wants. 


Best ASICS Shoes for the Gym


Whether you like to run, walk, sprint, lift weights, your footwear allows you to perform at your best. At ASICS, we've been perfecting our sports technology for nearly 75 years to bring you the best athletic performance shoes for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. Specialty shoes for the gym include footwear for running, walking, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, training, pickleball, and more. Explore our top recommendations for ASICS shoes to wear in the gym.

Best ASICS Shoes for the gym GT2000-12

Running, Walking, and Jumping: GT-2000 12


The GT-2000 12 running shoe is great for running on a treadmill, jogging on an indoor track, and walking. This versatile model features featherlight material perfect for cooling comfort without sacrificing durability. FLYTEFOAM™ PROPEL midsole technology is built to last and helps to give you the protection, support, and comfort you need in a shoe when running, walking, or jumping indoors.

Best ASICS Shoes for the gym Gel Pulse 14

All Purpose Footwear: GEL-PULSE 14


When you’re looking for a great multi-purpose shoe that you can wear to run, lift weights, bike, or do many other physical activities, the GEL-PULSE 14 shoe is a great candidate. GEL technology aims to give cushion and support ideal for cross-training. This shoe is also designed to fit a wide range of foot shapes, so anyone can find comfort in a pair of GEL-PULSE 14s. If you're active and dabble in multiple activities at the gym, try the GEL-PULSE 14 shoe as your all-purpose footwear. 


Specialized Support: GEL-SAIUN


The GEL-SAIUN running shoe is a state-of-the-art piece of footwear. This shoe features additional stability via PU overlays for those looking for added protection and support. GEL technology reinforces the heel for an added layer of support upon impact. You'll experience added support with each stride thanks to the GEL-SAIUN's mesh underlays.


Court Sports, Cross Training, and Weightlifting: GEL-RESOLUTION 8


When you’re looking for a flatter shoe for weightlifting, CrossFit, HIIT training, or related sports, the GEL-RESOLUTION 8 tennis shoe is a fantastic option. Tailored toward court and strength sports, this footwear is a viable option for tennis, volleyball, and indoor soccer. A flatter shoe that doesn’t sacrifice protection or comfort is best for activities requiring a change of direction, weight-bearing, and agility. Athletes and casual participants alike can find great benefits from the GELtechnology in conjunction with a flatter sole.


Get Active Today!


If you’re new to the gym or a seasoned veteran, getting a pair of shoes for your activities can be a fantastic way to get motivated to stay active. ASICS has a wide variety of models suited for running, walking, volleyball, tennis, cross-training, golf, and more. All age groups and all levels of experience can find benefit from the right shoe. We encourage you to get moving, get active and enjoy all of the benefits that exercise with the proper footwear has to offer. Always consult your healthcare provider before starting a new exercise program.