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META : Time : Trials

OCT. 11, 2023 Một cuộc đua đường phố nhằm thách thức kỷ lục cá nhân của mỗi vận động viên, ASICS META: Time: Trials đã được mở rộng và quay trở lại lớn hơn và tốt hơn trước đây.
Gear Guide: Shoes

GT-2000™ 11 vs. GT-2000™ 10 | ASICS

APR. 06, 2023 As the latest addition to the GT-2000™ series, the new GT-2000™ 11 shoe marks the return of ASICS’ everyday stability trainer known for comfort and protection.
Gear Guide: Shoes

Welcoming the GEL-CUMULUS® 25 trainer.

APR. 01, 2023 25 years of uncompromising versatility.
Tips for Advanced Runners

How to Improve Your Endurance

MAR. 30, 2023 If you want to improve your running endurance, you’re not alone. Many runners find themselves hitting a performance ceiling and wonder how to push through it.
Tips for New Runners

Why You Should Foam Roll After Running

MAR. 23, 2023 Foam rolling has numerous benefits for runners.
Tips for New Runners

Why Carbs Can Help You Crush Your Next Run Performance

MAR. 17, 2023 As runners, we’re always looking for tips and tricks to improve our performance.
Health & Wellness

Walking for Weight Loss

MAR. 08, 2023 Want to shed extra pounds? Look to your feet. Walking is easy, fun, and cost-effective.
Health & Wellness

How Yoga Can Benefit Runners

MAR. 02, 2023 If you're passionate about running, chances are you're always looking for ways to improve your technique.
Tips for New Runners

How To Run a Faster Mile

FEB. 23, 2023 For any avid runner or someone just getting started, a timed mile is a significant benchmark for you to measure your progress and training efficacy.
Tips for New Runners

5 Tips for Your Recovery Post-Run

FEB. 09, 2023 Running can be such a wonderful thing. It’s a chance to get some exercise or maybe enjoy a nice sunrise with spectacular views.
Health & Wellness

5 Signs You’re Overdoing It: How to Prevent Exercise Burnout

FEB. 02, 2023 Good health and fitness go hand in hand, but over-exercising can be harmful to your mental and physical health.
Gear Guide: Shoes

A look at the all-new GEL-NIMBUS® 25.

FEB. 01, 2023 Marking 25 years of an ASICS legend.
Tips for New Runners

Weekly Meal Prep for Runners

JAN. 26, 2023 Your meals are crucial to attaining your performance goals. Weekly meal prep can set you up for success when it comes to properly fueling your body for your running schedule.
Health & Wellness

Feeling tired? How to Know You Need to Take a Break From Exercise

JAN. 19, 2023 Getting proper rest is an essential part of your workout program.
Tips for New Runners

What Are Massage Guns and How They Can Help You Post-Run

JAN. 12, 2023 Sore muscles are a common problem after running. It's hard to get a good massage on demand; but, thankfully there's an easy solution in the handheld massage gun.
Health & Wellness

How to Fight the Winter Blues: Tips to Improve Your Mood And Energy

JAN. 05, 2023 When the days become shorter and the weather turns chilly, it's not unusual to get a case of the winter blues.