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How To Fit Running Into Your Schedule

How To Fit Running Into Your Schedule

November 14, 2016 / ASICS Australia

Whether you’re a new or experienced runner, a hectic lifestyle can get in the way of your carefully-planned training programme. Getting the right balance of your work, social life and exercise is the key to a good plan.

Here are 10 tips for fitting exercise into a busy schedule.

Be Realistic And Make Your Training Plan Manageable

The first thing to remember is that your training schedule needs to fit your own lifestyle. You might not be able to run as much as you’d like – but your training plan should get you out as much as possible. And setting an unreachable goal can make you disappointed with your performances and progress.

Aim For A Running Target

Pick an upcoming race – whether it’s a 10k, half-marathon or marathon – and develop a training plan specially designed for that distance. With MY ASICS, you can set your chosen distance and get your own tailored training plan that helps you prepare. Get a training plan with ASICS Runkeeper™ app .

How To Fit In Workouts At Work

If your job has long hours and you can’t fit in a run after work, why not run during your lunch break? Working in an office with shower facilities helps – you can exercise with a busy work schedule at your normal pace and freshen up afterwards.

Head Out At Dawn For An Early Morning Run

Running before work energises you for the day ahead. It’s also a chance to get out on more peaceful roads and enjoy the fresher morning air. And enjoying your running is the most important thing.

Run Home From Work

If there are no showers at your office, running on your way home might be the better option. You can change into your running gear and carry your work clothes in a backpack.

Stay Indoors And Run On The Treadmill

Being close to home might be essential for you, whether you’re looking after kids or working from home. An indoor treadmill lets you be flexible with your running – you can fit in a quick run whenever you have some free time.

Set Yourself Times When You'll Go Running

Your training plan needs to be flexible, since unforeseen things might take priority. But overall, setting specific times when you run helps you to develop a routine that becomes normal for you.

Publicise Your Running To Friends And Family

Protect your running schedule by making it clear to friends and family when you’re going to be running. That way, they know when you’re unavailable, and you can plan other things around your runs.

Start Running With Your Friends

If your social life is conflicting with your running, it might be a good idea to mix them up. Get a few of your friends together and start running as a group. Social running helps you catch up with friends and stick to your schedule, too.

Get Hi-Vis Gear And Run At Night

During the winter, the shorter days make running after work a different experience. But Hi-vis running gear improves your safety and makes sure you’re seen on the road.

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