We welcome you to our new initiative, ASICS MEDICAL.

This will take the place of the previously quarterly released ASICS FORERUNNER publication. This new format gives us more flexibility with the type of content we can provide, and the speed that we can get it to you. Some of the content that we provide can be topical at a certain point in time, this format allows us to present that content at will, rather than waiting until the next issue of the FORERUNNER, which by that time, the content may no longer be current.

The articles will be diverse but always targeted to you, the health professional.

As there are no set release dates for the content, the amount of new content being released will fluctuate during the year, so expect to see busier and slower periods. Keep an eye out for our email notifications which will let you know when new content is available.

Finally, as most of this content will be put together by Jason Mansfield in our team here, I wish to thank him in advance for his dedication to keeping you, the very important health professional, up to date with all that is ASICS.