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Our Running Apparel is constructed with relaxed and technical fabrics that are designed to guide runners throughout their running regimes.


Finish Advantage Tights


Accelerate Jacket


Tokyo High Waisted Tights


Runners around the world, even though we're apart, our global community of runners is strong - united by our pursuit of a sound mind & a sound body. 

ASICS is here to help you keep running, to challenge yourself to get out there, with new way to train and race, while connecting with our community. 

Run Smarter

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The ASICS Foot ID uses innovative barefoot and shoe analysis technology to find the right fit for you. Book a complimentary appointment today.


Pronation Guide

Understanding your pronation type (the way your foot hits the ground when you run) can help you find a comfortable, performance-enhancing running shoe.

ASICS Runkeeper App

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Motivation at your fingertips

Reach your running goals thanks to expert training plans and progress insights—all in the Runkeeper™ app.

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