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ASICS Community Involvement

ASICS Community Involvement

Founded in Japan in 1949, ‘ASICS’ is an acronym for Anima Sana Corpore Sano, which is a Latin phrase for ‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body’.

Carrying through to present day and beyond, ‘Sound Mind Sound Body’ is our heralded brand philosophy. It drives our mission to promote and encourage movement; to help consumers achieve a more positive state of mind and overall positive wellbeing.

In promoting and activating a Sound Mind Sound Body to our local Australian community, ASICS Australia is proud to partner with community organisations Indigenous Marathon Foundation and Goanna Academy.

Read more about our partners below.


Indigenous Marathon Foundation

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) was founded by Australian marathon champion Rob de Castella, after taking four Aboriginal men from no running to the NYC Marathon in 9 months. It was part of the award-winning documentary Running to America.

The transformative change that occurred in the participants and their families prompted de Castella to establish the IMF as a health promotion charity that also showcases Indigenous resilience, courage, and achievement.

ASICS have partnered with IMF since that very first year in 2009 and supported the IMF during its growth and development.

Since 2010, the IMF has taken well over 120 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women from no running to running a major international marathon in just six months. This is just the start, as the IMF continues to support them to address the issues that matter to them and be positive and inspiring role models to their families and communities.

The IMP training aligns to the ASICS Sound Mind, Sound Body philosophy, using running to strengthen the wellbeing of the runners through physical and mental health, and provides a sense of empowerment, purpose, and pride.

IMF programs have had a massive positive impact and continue to work with hundreds of First Nations men and women of all ages across 40 communities across Australia.

To support the work of the IMF or to learn more, check out the Indigenous Marathon Foundation site.


Goanna Academy

Established in 2020 by Greg Inglis, Goanna Academy is the first accredited and Indigenous owned mental health program. After joining forces in 2022, our collaborative aim is to improve the mental health outcomes of all Australians.

In partnering with ASICS, Greg Inglis said “our commitment to each other ensures that we are best placed to achieve our vision of improving health outcomes by delivering our community clinics, school programs, and workplace talks throughout Australia.”

Through utilising rugby league and Greg’s personal experiences, Goanna Academy delivers mental health messaging that is accessible to young Australians and equips them with strategies to employ in their own life.

Reflecting the ASICS Sound Mind Sound Body philosophy, one tactic Greg and Goanna Academy discuss is the benefit of movement in helping to change your mindset.

“Staying active and getting into life are important tips to keep a sound mind and healthy headspace. Playing golf works for me but everyone is different - find what works for you and make time for it.”

Learn more about Goanna Academy

Globally, ASICS further commits to community involvement beyond our partnered organisations through financial contributions and donations in kind, and philanthropic activities such as volunteering, disaster relief and support and education.

For more information on how ASICS are globally committed to meeting our social responsibility please visit the ASICS corporate responsibility website.