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The world’s focused on exercising for appearance.

Exercise transformation pictures are everywhere. And while often intended to promote a positive message, research shows they actually do the opposite.​

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Exercise transformation pictures often suggest that the greatest power of exercise is to aesthetically transform the body. They focus purely on appearance and can cause unrealistic comparisons, leading to self-doubt and negative feelings. ASICS research shows these images can impact our mental health and put people off exercising.


ASICS has always believed in the power of exercise.

We’ve always believed that movement has the power to transform not just the body, but also the mind. To coincide with World Mental Health Day 2022, ASICS is challenging society’s focus on exercising for dramatic aesthetic transformation.

ASICS has teamed up with personalities to share their ‘dramatic transformations’ to highlight the real power of exercise to transform the mind.

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The positive impact of movement.

Even small amounts of exercise can have a powerful impact on how we feel. So, let’s start to focus on the positive gains from exercise that aren’t always visible.

How to get involved.

Post your exercise before and after pictures to highlight the dramatic transformation on your mind with #dramatictransformation.