From Global Running Day 2021 onwards, the Mind Uplifter™ will power the #UpliftingMinds global study to help uncover valuable insights into the relationship between movement and the mind. As any world-class athlete will tell you, preparation comes long before the starting pistol.

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First, during six months of preliminary research, ASICS collaborated with technical and scientific experts and a diverse group of athletes. Using a ‘proof of concept’ EEG device to collect data we tested the hypothesis, our long-held Sound Body, Sound Mind belief. We identified key metrics such as confidence, positivity, calm, focus and more.

Next, we tested the benefits of exercise across these key metrics, but in a larger group - in the Beta 2.0 study. Again, we confirmed our hypothesis. At this stage, we honed the tool - capturing the key metrics using the facial scanning technology and self-report questions that form the final design.

Even the results were uplifting. We found that just a short amount of exercise could uplift the mind. For example, we saw that a 20 minute run led to an average of 15.9% increase in calmness.

At all stages, the preparation, research and design of both the Mind Uplifter™ and #UpliftingMinds study continue to be carried out in collaboration with leading experts in the field of Exercise and Mental Health.

Meet Dr. Brendon Stubbs of King’s College, London. He’s one of the most cited researchers in the field, with nearly two decades of clinical experience and over 500 international academic papers. He’s even responsible for the first ever evidence-based book of physical activity interventions to help with mental health struggles.

The Mind Uplifter™ is born of thorough research and proven scientific testing, with the careful supervision of leading experts. Only in this way can we reliably show how movement uplifts you, your city, your nation and the world.

Every run, every game, every move uplifts the mind. Every Mind Uplift shared contributes to the live study. Along with Dr. Stubbs and other experts, the study data will be researched further, providing even more valuable insights into how to move minds and uplift the world.

Bio Dr. Brendon Stubbs

  • NIHR Clinical Lecturer, King’s College London.
  • BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy, MSc in Neurological Rehabilitation & PhD in Pain Medicine & Rehabilitation.
  • Expert in physical activity & mental health, the mind-body interface, healthy ageing and meta-research.