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ASICS Movement for Mind is the first programme of its kind to be scientifically proven to improve mental wellbeing. Led by world-renowned mental health researcher, Professor Brendon Stubbs, we enrolled 200 volunteers to take part in an eight-week, randomised control trial. To analyse the programme’s effectiveness, Professor Stubbs used internationally recognised wellbeing measures to objectively study the impact of following ASICS Movement for Mind.

“I absolutely love the ASICS Movement for Mind programme! After the programme finished, I became an evangelist to all my colleagues and said what an amazing programme it is and they must sign up and take part. For me, it was truly wonderful and really made me feel confident, content and happy again.” - ASICS Movement for Mind participant

Be part of the larger study. 

We’re now looking to see how the ASICS Movement for Mind programme improves wellbeing in a much larger, population-wide study, again led by Professor Stubbs. Thousands of people are being invited to join in.