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Hand-Eye Coordination | Episode 1: How To Improve It

This is a drill any coach can implement in a warm-up to increase focus and attention. it is also a drill that will help to improve hand-eye coordination and visual tracking.  To start the first progression of this tennis drill you only need tennis balls, three buckets or baskets.  In this episode you will see a progression of drills, designed to add elements to increase difficulty. For example,  using the element of mulii-tasking, which seems very simple, increases the level of strain on a tennis players processing time, mimicking the experience they have on-court where they need to process information and actions quickly to be successful.

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Hand-Eye Coordination | Episode 2: Additional Exercises

In this episode, Bram introduces more drills to engage the brain, focusing on multilateral drills, or those that engage both sides of the brain.

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