This year as the GEL-NANDI™ silhouette turns 20, ASICS SportStyle are proud to announce the release of the GEL-NANDI™ OG. It’s designer Yuuki Okumura has re-invigorated the silhouette with a progressive midsole and tooling system, yet kept the same design features on the upper, using mixed materials that include a leather layering.

In the early 2000’s, serious trail runners were looking for technical and durable sneakers that could cope with the demands of mixed terrain & the original designer Shigeyuki Mitsui answered that call with the GEL-NANDI™ . A silhouette built with rugged tooling and a traction focused outsole, perfectly suited for the urban explorer.

We let Yuuki Okumura expand on the development of the sneaker; “The original GEL-NANDI™ sneaker was designed to combat the unexpected conditions of the trail. Taking the advanced components from the performance road running collection and combining them with a trail-specific tooling and rugged outsole pattern. With trends in performance trail running resurfacing once again, we wanted to bring back one of our pioneering designs from the archive and repurpose it for today’s sneaker and street style consumer with a series of OG and all-new colour offerings.”

GEL-NANDI™ OG, a sneaker inspired by its legacy– re-engineered for the future.