The Best Running Shoes for Women

July 20, 2021
ASICS women’s running shoes have been designed specifically for women to help improve performance. Find the right fit for you with our Running Shoes Guide.
The Best Running Shoes for Women

Until recently, most running shoes for women were just smaller versions of men’s shoes. However, as we gain more understanding about the structural and hormonal differences between men and women, running shoes are becoming more female-friendly.

Over the past decade, scientific research has revealed that women have different gait patterns and lower-limb biomechanics than men. That shows that the way women run is significantly different and helps to explain why female runners have distinct injury patterns.

At ASICS, we have conducted extensive studies to design gender-specific running shoes. The result is the creation of women’s running shoes that improve performance, comfort and safety.

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Foot shape

Women's feet are shaped differently. It's not just that women tend to have smaller feet than men, they also have a different heel to forefoot ratio. In other words, women have a narrower heel in relation to their forefoot. When wearing men's running shoes, this often causes the heel to slip inside the shoe, leading to instability and chafing.

  • Gender difference in heel to forefoot ratio: women have a narrower heel in relation to their forefoot
  • What we’re doing: developing a gender-specific fit

ASICS women's shoes are shaped differently and feature a narrower last. A gender-specific last dramatically improves fit for female runners and prevents problems like heel slippage.


Women tend to be lighter than men. Since cushioning in running shoes has always been designed with men's weight in mind, the cushioning material would often be too dense for women.

  • Regular cushioning is too dense for women: women get less bounce back
  • What we’re doing: developing gender-specific forefoot cushioning

We use a cushioning material called FLYTEFOAM™, but in a less dense form than its male counterpart. Located in the midsole, it supports the full foot and offers female runners greater impact absorption and more bounce.

Gender and gait

Studies have shown that women and men tend to have different gait patterns, which is why it’s important to get the right running shoes to support your gait. The difference in gait generally comes from having higher arches, resulting in a need for additional arch support, and a wider pelvis as it changes the angle of the foot strike.

  • What we’re doing: developing a gender-specific trusstic design

For women, the SPACE TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ has been altered to accommodate a different arch height and provide the foot with the right levels of support and flexibility as it moves through the gait cycle.

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A softer and smoother run

Through extensive studies, ASICS has found that female runners require more compression and cushioning in the forefoot on average.

  • Not enough compression and cushioning in the forefoot: reduces shock absorption and increases the risk of injury
  • What we’re doing: developing our gender-specific 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION™ technology

By providing areas of accommodating compression and cushioning in the forefoot of shoes for female runners , the ASICS 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION™ technology adds to the overall durability of the shoes and allows for a softer and smoother running experience.