Volleyball is a fast, physical sport based around power, agility and rapid footwork on a hard court. Whether you’re new to volleyball or are taking your game to the next level, you will seriously benefit from shoes that match the needs of the sport.

We are continually improving ASICS volleyball shoes based on feedback from players at every level. So what makes volleyball shoes different to other court sports footwear and which features should you be looking for?

Guide to Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes vary by position

Each player brings something different to the court, from defensive blocking at low level to leaping high at the net to attack the ball. Whether you’re a fast-jumping blocker, a speedy, powerful hitter, an agile, flexible libero or a tactically-astute setter, each player needs a shoe that fits their particular style and physical attributes.

And this is why ASICS volleyball shoes vary in structure and style – it’s about helping you find a pair that suits your position and style of play perfectly.

3-step guide to buying volleyball shoes in UK

Get to know what makes volleyball shoes different from footwear used in other hard court sports like netball, badminton or squash.

  1.     The basic features of all volleyball shoes

Whatever your style and position, you’ll need to look for certain features in a good general-purpose volleyball shoe. The following features are common to all volleyball shoes:

  • Excellent grip – because courts can be slippery
  • Protective cushioning – to reduce the impact of jarring shocks when you land from a high jump
  • Lateral stability – so that sudden changes of direction don’t leave you off balance

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  1.     Features that are essential for defence position volleyball shoes

Keeping a firm footing is vital for tough defensive specialists, smart setters or deep-digging liberos.

When your natural habitat is the back row, rapid reactions and tactical know-how need to be backed up by a shoe that allows sudden changes of direction and stability, even when at full stretch.

The perfect defensive volleyball shoe needs:

  • Stability to give a sure-footed foundation to serves, passes and digs
  • A high-grip outsole for fast changes of direction around the court
  • A low profile to aid speed and comfort
  • Impact shock absorption to cushion landings and take-offs

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  1.     Features that are unique to attack position volleyball shoes

When it comes to the sharp end of play, whether you’re powering in shots as an outside hitter or up front in the vital blocker’s position, you’ll need to get up above the net, so jumping power is absolutely vital.

Volleyball attack position shoes will give you:

  • Excellent cushioning – to handle the demands of jumping on a hard-court surface
  • Lightweight material – to help you jump higher and further
  • Excellent fit – to give you stability when moving fast around the court
  • Optimal traction – to allow agility and quick movement without slipping
Guide to Volleyball Shoes

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