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A poem to move the world.

Inspired by the incredible feeling of moving with ASICS.

A poem to move minds.

ASICS has partnered with Charly Cox to create a new poem, ‘Nothing Feels Better’ to inspire the nation to get active and experience the power of movement on our mental health.

The spoken word poem combines the post-exercise feelings of thousands of people with the science of music, to create a track to literally move people.

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The State of Mind of the nation. 

The poem was released in response to ASICS’ latest State of Mind research revealing the current mood of the UK is only 62 out of 100.

While exercise has been proven to boost mental wellbeing, 81% of Brits say they need extra motivation to get moving. Therefore, the new poem has been specifically created to motivate more people to move and boost mental wellbeing.

Listen and raise funds for mental health charity Mind. 

Throughout the month of June, every listen of the ‘Nothing Feels Better’ poem on Spotify will raise £5 for mental health charity Mind.

ASICS has partnered with Mind since 2021 to promote the benefits of physical activity on our mental health. We've supported Mind's physical activity programmes in local communities, prioritising people facing the greatest inequalities.

Making a poem to move the world.  

The spoken word poem is written and performed by poet and mental health activist Charly Cox.

The uplifting lyrics were inspired by the post-exercise feelings of thousands of people around the world. The track has been composed using scientifically-proven techniques to energise and elevate our mood.

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Nothing feels better than moving with ASICS.

At ASICS, our five letters have meaning. ASICS is an acronym for the Latin phrase, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, or a Sound Mind in a Sound Body. Since our founding in 1949, our purpose has been to support more people to move for positive mental wellbeing.

That's why we continue to design and develop innovative products to support more people to move for body and for mind.

We're championing movement for Mind.​

Our purpose at ASICS is to support more people to move for positive mental health. It’s the reason we were founded more than 70 years ago. It’s the reason we’re called ASICS – an acronym for the Latin ‘Anima Sana in Corpore Sano’ or a Sound Mind in a Sound Body. And it’s the reason why we partner with mental health charity, Mind.​​

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Every stream of the “Nothing Feels Better” poem on Spotify in June will raise £5 for the mental health charity Mind, up to a maximum of £52,000.