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Remember when you used to move for fun?

As young children, exercise was instinctive. We ran, jumped and climbed because it felt good. But as adults, our motivation to exercise is all too often focused on aesthetic gain, reinforced by a very serious and pressurised exercise world.

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Meet the Little Reminders

Introducing the ASICS Little Reminders, a group of seven and eight-year-olds, who are on a mission to remind adults to exercise for how it makes them feel and not how it makes them look.



Fun loving TIllie thinks adults need to hula hoop more. She can only manage a few spins herself but its having fun that counts.

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When Henry moves, he feels invincible. His parents might teach rugby but he thinks he should be the exercise coach instead.



Hiba says adults take exercise too seriously and need to learn to get silly with it. She's determined to help adult unlock their inner child when moving.



Joash's favourite way to exercise is playing Huggy Wuggy. You get to run around, chase your friends AND have fun.



Imuujin loves to dance and jump around. Why do you need to do push up when you can just twirl?

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The ASICS Little Reminders have developed the first-ever exercise guide made by children for adults to remind us all to move for enjoyment and not just performance.