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Find your speed.

Blast off to new personal bests in the METASPEED™+ Series —
shoes designed for the way you run.


See how we made fast even faster.

Designed for the way you run, the METASPEED™+ Series shoes help both stride runners and cadence runners find their speed.

Both the METASPEED™ SKY+ and the METASPEED™ EDGE+ have an optimised carbon-plate positioning to help increase aerial (SKY+) and horizontal (EDGE+) propulsion.

Increased FF BLAST™ TURBO cushioning underfoot helps create softer landings and an even more reactive bounce from foot-strike through toe-off.

A lightweight MOTION WRAP™ upper offers a more secure foothold while a reimagined sidewall geometry provides a more propulsive toe-off.

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Which shoe is right for you?

Stride Runners

Stride runners run faster by lengthening their stride. The full-length carbon plate in the METASPEED™ SKY+ shoe boosts aerial propulsion while increased FF BLAST™ TURBO foam provides more energy at toe-off.

Cadence Runners

Cadence runners run faster with longer strides and more steps per minute. A full-length carbon plate in the METASPEED™ EDGE+ helps increase forward propulsion and a redesigned sole creates a more efficient forward roll.

"I love these shoes because, although they have excellent impact absorption,
they are still very dynamic and allow me to attack and change pace strongly."

- Boniface Kibiwott, ASICS Athlete

The METASPEED™+ Series — shoes designed for the way you run.

metaspeed sky


Optimised for aerial propulsion , the METASPEED™ SKY+ shoe features our most reactive FF BLAST™ TURBO cushioning and a full-length carbon plate to help lengthen your stride.

metaspeed edge


Light, bouncy FF BLAST™ TURBO cushioning combines with a full-length carbon plate and a curved-sole design to give the METASPEED™ EDGE+ shoe increased forward propulsion .

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Speed within reach.

Tempo runs. Race days. Power up to new personal bests
in the MAGIC SPEED™ 2 shoe.


The MAGIC SPEED™ 2 shoe offers the versatility you need to move towards a new personal best. Inspired by the METASPEED™+ Series’ advanced energy-saving properties, we’ve updated the fit and tooling to make the shoe more versatile and softer for tempo runs and races.

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3d sandals

Like a deep breath.
For your feet.

Meet the new ACTIBREEZE™ 3D sandal.
Innovative design and construction for
excellent after-performance comfort.
3d sandal

Born of innovative design, the new ACTIBREEZE™ 3D sandal allows your feet and body to relax so you can get ready for your next performance. First-class cushioning, highly breathable and versatile enough for any setting.