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Exercise has an image problem. 

All too often, the focus of exercise is purely on the aesthetic. Research shows this is damaging to our mental wellbeing and can actually put us off exercising.

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Just ask AI to portray someone who is healthy and exercises.

You get images of people with minimal body fat, chiseled jaws, and muscles – some even with 12-pack abs.

AI has been taught that exercise is purely for physical transformations. This is feeding into unrealistic body standards and damaging our mental wellbeing…and it has learnt this from us.

The use of AI is growing rapidly.

It is being used to give medical advice, work as virtual personal trainers, and even replacing human models in magazines and campaigns. Whilst AI can be used to benefit people and society, ASICS believes it’s important that AI is taught to unlearn dangerous stereotypes that could reverse years of work to improve our self-confidence and mental wellbeing.

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Together we can train AI on the true benefits of exercise.

ASICS has launched the world’s first AI Training Programme to teach AI tools that the power of exercise is much more than physical gain.

The AI Training Programme is a bank of images of real people enjoying the uplifting feeling exercise brings, not aesthetics, combined with bespoke lines of code and AI prompts. Helping any AI learn what real faces and bodies look like, not just extreme transformations.


ASICS is offering the Training Programme to AI companies for free to develop their AIs and help it reflect a more positive and realistic representation of society.

Your image can help change how exercise is represented in the future.

Email and donate your own exercise image to the AI Training Programme here and help ASICS teach AI the real power of exercise.

You can also donate your exercise image on Instagram by tagging @ASICS and #TrainingAI.

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Consent for the use of your image

You are submitting an image to the AI Training Programme.

As part of the AI Training Programme, ASICS will share your image with trusted AI companies, on request with the sole purpose to train their image-generation AIs.

The images will be held securely by ASICS and will only be accessed by AI companies upon request. We will not use your image for any other purposes.

By submitting your image or by sharing your image on Instagram with #Training AI and tagging @ASICS you are giving ASICS your consent to process the image of you for the purposes of the AI Training Programme. You also grant ASICS indefinite permission, free of charges and costs, to use the image(s) you provided in the ASICS AI Training Programme.

ASICS will send an additional confirmation message to those people who shared their image(s) via Instagram with #Training AI and tagging @ASICS before adding to the AI Training Programme.

Please note:
Only adults (16+) can participate in the AI Training Programme.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting When you withdraw your consent we will remove your image from the AI Training Programme collection of images. However, images that have already been used to train AI will not be retrievable.

ASICS will process your image in accordance with the ASICS Privacy Policy. Please refer to this policy for more information about your rights and how ASICS protects and manages personal data.

You are an AI company requesting access to the AI Training Programme

If you are an AI company and would like to request access to the AI Training Programme please email in the first instance.

ASICS will need to be satisfied regarding the responsible use and retention of the images and compliance with privacy laws.

ASICS reserves the right to withhold access to the AI Training Programme.