Polyester is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum-based products. Because of its durability, elasticity and water repellent characteristics, it is a great material for sportswear. But as polyester is made from non-renewable resources and the production comes with high carbon emissions, it has a negative impact on the environment.


Because of the harmful environmental impact of virgin polyester production, ASICS is committed to replacing all virgin polyester materials used in apparel and footwear uppers with more sustainable, recycled alternatives by 2030. We’ve already begun - we’re currently making polyester yarn by recycling the following materials:

Recycled Polyester made from PET bottles

The majority of ASICS recycled polyester material originates from recycled PET bottles. One of the projects using this type of plastic is the Ocean Waste Project. The project started in 2020 when ASICS collaborated with a local apparel factory in Sri Lanka. Working together, a collection of products made from PET bottles found on Sri Lanka’s beaches, was created. The Ocean Waste project continues in 2021 and 2022, reclaiming more PET bottles from Sri Lanka’s waterways. More information about the project can be found here.

Recycled Polyester made from textiles

ASICS closely collaborates with several innovative recycling partners and material suppliers to improve and scale up the reuse of post-consumer collected textile products and leftover fabrics. ASICS products containing recycled material from textiles can be recognized by the special hang tag and these products all meet the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). This is an international, voluntary scheme that sets requirements for a third-party certification that verifies the use of recycled materials, certifies the chain of custody and ensures social and environmental good practice, as well as restricting the use of certain chemicals.


When you see the recycled or recycled from textiles tag on our product, the total product contains over 50% of recycled polyester for our apparel items, or over 20% of recycled polyester in the upper fabric of our footwear.


We aim to have all virgin polyester materials used in apparel and footwear uppers replaced with recycled polyester by 2030. As it is our ambition to become circular, in 2019 ASICS became one of the Pioneer Members of Worn Again technologies. Worn Again technologies works on developing technology that can turn polyester textiles into a virgin equivalent. As a pioneer member, ASICS joined some of the most forward-thinking brands in the global apparel and textile industry on the mission to move to a circular resource world.