Make your run more comfortable by choosing ASICS specialised unisex running socks. Our range of breathable and ergonomically designed athletic socks are designed to match your needs – be that marathon training, a serious session on the running machine or a quick round of your local park – we've maximised comfort while adding in style from a trusted brand.

Every runner's needs differ, and so we've designed an extensive range of sports socks which match your requirements at different times of the year or for specific types of exercise. For example, our winter running socks give you that extra length and thickness to avoid numb toes, while our cushioning socks give you more support and breathability when you're covering long distances.

Running in the wrong socks can lead to rubbing, chafing and sweat build-up – make sure you choose the right socks as part of your athletic gear and avoid these distractions, leaving you to focus on your run.