After your badminton racket, your badminton shoes are the most important piece of equipment you need for a successful game. We designed the ASICS badminton shoes range after working closely with professional and amateur players to find out exactly what you need to play your best game.

Here's everything you need to know about what to wear on your feet – whether you are a back-court power hitter or a dab hand close to the net.

Badminton Shoes: A Guide to What to Wear

Why is it important to have proper badminton shoes?

You wouldn't play badminton with a tennis racket, so it stands to reason that you should choose shoes that meet the specific needs of the sport as well. Choosing a good pair of badminton shoes is important for:

  • Preventing ankle injuries

In badminton you are likely to occasionally slide as you move side to side – this means you need a shoe that offers support and protects your ankles.

  • Reducing the chance of blisters

When you are moving fast across a hard court, the friction can lead to blisters on your skin – proper badminton shoes make it less likely that you will develop blisters.

  • Improving performance

If you want to take your badminton game to the next level, you need to work on rapid footwork. Badminton shoes use lightweight materials and utilise design features which are appropriate to the sport.

Badminton shoes in the UK – key features

One of the most important techniques to learn when playing badminton is footwork. Great players know how to move across the court with total control – they spend hours practicing stepping, strides, crossover, dogtrot and jumping. To make this footwork easier they choose badminton shoes which allow them to perform complex footwork.

Badminton Shoes: A Guide to What to Wear

When choosing badminton shoes, you should look out for:

  • Grip

Having a pair of shoes with great grip is so important when playing badminton. Grip will stop you from slipping over and injuring yourself and allow you to move fast with confidence. You will be moving forwards and backwards and side to side, so look for badminton shoes that offer 360 degree grip.

  •  A thin (but hard wearing) sole

Ideally you should be looking for neutral shoes with a relatively thin sole which keeps you stable and low to the ground.

  • Cushioning

Cushioning throughout the foot will reduce the chance of injuries and strain when landing from high jumps.

  • Lightweight

Your badminton shoes should not slow you down. Anything more than 300 grams will really start to feel like a drag towards the end of a long match.

  • Ventilation

An intense, fast-moving game like badminton generates a lot of heat – choose shoes made from breathable materials.  

We designed ASICS badminton shoes, like the ASICS GEL-BLADE™ and the GEL-ROCKET™ to give badminton players the kind of reliable shoe you need. So whether you’re playing with friends, preparing for a competition or warming up with your regular partner, you know your shoes won’t let you down.