After your racket, the most important piece of squash equipment is almost certainly your shoes. ASICS squash shoes are regarded as some of the most reliable footwear for this high-intensity sport. But what makes squash shoes different to other trainers and why is it worth investing in a pair?

Squash shoes: speed or stability?

What are squash shoes?

Squash shoes are footwear designed specifically for the game of squash. They share similar features to shoes designed for other hard-court indoor games like handball or volleyball, but they also have some unique features. These include:

  • Lateral support to stop you slipping
  • A sole designed for fast turns and ‘sticky’ grip
  • Highly durable soles and outers
  • Non-marking rubber
  • Low profile
  • Cushioning distributed throughout the foot
  • Extremely lightweight

Squash shoes will give you increased grip for speed across the court and extra support for fast turns. They also provide shock absorption to keep you comfortable during long rallies and they are extra responsive to reach those tight drives. They’re also lightweight, meaning you can return to the ‘T’ quickly and dominate the court.

Why using the wrong kinds of shoes in squash is a problem?

Squash involves rapid front to back and side to side movements in a small space – players get very hot. Shoes which are designed for general fitness or running do not offer the kind of support your feet and joints need – you are more likely to slip and slide in the wrong pair of shoes and that could put you at risk of injury.

Can badminton shoes be used for squash?

Yes – badminton and squash require very similar movements and types of footwork, which means the kinds of shoes used for each sport are essentially interchangeable. Unless you are a full-time professional who truly needs an edge, you will be fine using the same trainers for each sport.

Squash shoes: speed or stability?

Squash shoes UK: speed or stability?

Different squash players look for different qualities in their shoes. Broadly speaking, players and shoe types fit into the following two categories:

  1.     Stability for power play

If your game is about power shots and keeping your opponent off balance, you’ll need a particular set of features in your shoes:

  • Stability and support for a well-planted feel in turns and short sprints
  • Impact protection to protect against the jarring of take-offs and landings
  • A secure fit to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the match

ASICS offers a variety of shoes in this category – for women, the ASICS GEL-TACTIC™ is a strong choice, whereas for men the ASICS UPCOURT™ range could be right for you.

  1.     Speed for covering the court

If your style makes full use of your athleticism and speed, you’ll need a different set of attributes:

  • A low profile and great responsiveness to aid speed and agility
  • Optimal traction to grip the court and help with sudden shifts in direction
  • A large pivot point on the sole to promote more efficient and aggressive turns
  • A snug fit to ensure that all your power is put down on the court

If that sounds like you, our high-tech specialist shoe, the ASICS GEL-BLADE™ is highly regarded.

Whether you’re playing in a ladder, training with friends or taking part in a tournament, ASICS squash shoes provide you with the footwear you need to play with total confidence.