Padel keeps on growing in popularity in the UK, with more people playing the game than ever. Alongside your racket, owning a pair of padel shoes is essential for anyone looking to enjoy the sport.

If you have just started playing padel or are a serious competitor, choosing the right kind of shoes is really important. Read the ASICS padel shoes guide to learn what to look out for in your footwear.

Importancia De Las Zapatillas En El Pádel

Why is it important to wear padel shoes?

Choosing a specially designed pair of padel shoes is crucial – you can’t substitute them for other kinds of trainers. One of the most important reasons to invest in proper padel shoes is the sole – you need shoes that offer grip while running, yet also give you the ability to slide on artificial grass and clay courts – the soles on padel shoes are specifically designed for this aspect of the game. Other kinds of footwear won’t allow you to sprint and slide, so you could twist your ankle or fall if you wear inappropriate shoes.

What makes a good pair of padel shoes?

More important than anything, your shoes need to be comfortable and allow you to make all the moves you need to play padel. You should also look out for:

  • Outsoles which grip the court when you sprint, slide when you need to stretch to reach the ball, and allow you to turn easily
  • The shoes also have to support your feet properly in every move
  • It is also important that they prevent injuries
  • The shoes must be durable as padel can be an intense sport with extensive stretching, sliding and wear
  • Last but not least, they should look great!

Padel shoe soles

Padel shoes are easily recognised by the tread on the shoes’ outsole:

  • Herringbone pattern: This wavy design facilitates gliding across artificial turf. They are especially recommended for courts which are sandier. They are also highly durable, which is why ASICS padel shoes emphasise this style
  • Omni pattern: This design is characterised by the use of dots on the sole. These provide great grip and are good for lateral sliding, although they have a shorter duration
Importancia De Las Zapatillas En El Pádel

How are ASICS padel shoes designed?

ASICS is dedicated to offering the best shoes on the market for all players. To ensure that our padel shoes are as comfortable, safe and durable as possible, we’ve packed them out with invaluable design features:

  • We added GEL™ to the outsole to achieve maximum cushioning and protect the knees from injury
  • The midsole and insole are made from materials that also have cushioning properties and are as light as possible.
  • We also added memory foam (PHF™) to the ankle area, which fits to the shape of each player's feet.
  • The outsoles contain dual-density rubber which makes them more durable, as well as supporting pivoting motions, which allow players to turn quickly and more comfortably.
  • High-end ASICS padel shoes also come with forefoot protection for increased durability.

Our padel shoes have been designed in close collaboration with professional players who continue to provide feedback on how to make our footwear even more responsive. To browse ASICS padel shoes, check out the men's and women's ranges, along with our extensive range of padel gear and accessories.