Speed vs stability: picking your tennis shoes

The game of tennis has undergone a radical change over the years. It has become faster, with many players now playing more aggressively and hitting with greater power. Technology has played a vital role in helping players to perform at their peak and trust in their equipment like never before. 

One area where countless innovations have been made is in the tennis shoe. This once humble piece of equipment is now designed to support and enhance the movement of players with unique playing styles. ASICS tennis shoes are no exception. They fit broadly into two groups: speed tennis shoes and stability tennis shoes, which are both designed for specific courts and playing styles.     

Speed vs Stability: Picking Your Tennis Shoes


ASICS has responded to these changes and developed a lightweight tennis shoe, specifically designed for players who love a rapid change in direction and therefore need both speed and versatility. 

One of our best speed tennis shoes is the ASICS SOLUTION SPEED FF™  for men and women, which weighs just 331 grams, making it the lightest tennis shoe on the market. The shoe, favoured by 2017 ATP World Tour finalist David Goffin, incorporates FLYTEFOAM™ technology in the midsole for increased speed. It also  utilises the TWISTRUSS™ System, which absorbs shock and provides the perfect balance between stability and flexibility, allowing for forward and backward motion in sprinting and jumping, supporting the foot's arch tendon to give more power and help prevent foot fatigue.

The ASICS GEL-COURT SPEED™ shoe is another ASICS tennis shoe that’s designed for speed. It combines exceptional comfort with unbeatable cushioning properties to lessen the impact on joints, while still being incredibly lightweight. It also features an AHAR™ (ASICS High Abrasion Resistant rubber™ ) non-marking outsole to provide unbeatable grip without compromising the shoe’s performance, while the SOLYTE™ midsole delivers lightweight cushioning to keep you feathery and nimble across the court. 

Speed vs Stability: Picking Your Tennis Shoes


Stability tennis shoes are shoes that have been designed to hold your feet securely in place and create a stable base to give you the confidence to hit the ball as powerfully as you can. They feature supportive uppers and generous cushioning throughout the midsole to give you extra stability in your movements and make you feel more secure.

Shoes designed for clay courts tend to be built with stability in mind to provide the additional traction and support required to move forwards and backwards securely and slide confidently from side-to-side. So, if you plan on playing on a clay court on a regular basis, ASICS stability tennis shoes could be the best choice for you.

Players who value stability and cushioning will find that the ASICS GEL-RESOLUTION 8™  for men and women is a great fit. This flagship shoe from ASICS offers unbeatable support and stability on the court, making it one of the world’s most popular tennis shoes and the favourite shoe of top-ten seeded Gaël Monfils. 

The GEL-RESOLUTION 8™ incorporates DYNAWRAP™ technology, which locks the foot down, with an innovative DYNAWALL™ structure to offer enhanced midfoot stability during lateral movements. The ASICS GEL-RESOLUTION 8™ also has a full length outsole for maximum grip with a torque control feature in the heel counter, which helps to maintain a locked-in feel during quick transitions. This state-of-the-art stability tennis shoe also features the PGUARD™ toe protector to increase traction on the court, while the AHAR™ outsole reduces overall wear to create a shoe that lasts.

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