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ASICS - for world class tennis shoes

ASICS is one of the most trusted providers of tennis shoes in the world. Our tennis trainers are chosen by professionals and serious enthusiasts for their exceptional support, innovative engineering and stylish contemporary design. 

Why is finding the right tennis shoe so important?

Playing tennis involves a lot of quick movements, which places significant demands on your feet. That's why wearing general trainers to play tennis can cause damage to your joints, feet, and shoes. The shoes you play in need the right level of support and cushioning for the sport.

Our tennis shoes are designed specifically for playing tennis. They offer the ultimate support and cushioning to provide comfort and durability, which helps you maintain peak performance throughout your games.

So don't let your footwear hold you back! Choose ASICS tennis shoes to experience unmatched comfort and durability set after set, game after game.

Unique ASICS Features of tennis shoes

Get ready to dominate the court with our revolutionary tennis court shoes. Our tennis shoes feature ASICS GEL™ cushioning in the soles, to absorb the shock of a heavy landing. This innovative technology helps protect your feet and joints while providing unparalleled comfort. 

With a lower heel-to-toe drop than general sports trainers, our shoes offer superior control while executing your shots. While the wide flex groove tread pattern provides extra stability so you can make that return serve without slipping. Our shoes also feature PGUARD™ toe protectors and AHARPLUS™ outsole material to provide extra durability.

Make every game count and elevate your performance to the next level with our range of ASICS tennis shoes.

Tennis shoes for all types

Our range of ASICS tennis shoes also includes trainers designed for kids, men, and women. With unique features for the shape of the foot, you can choose the right tennis shoe to suit the whole family. With our extensive range of ASICS tennis shoes, you will find the best tennis trainer for your game. Whether you need extra midsole cushioning, air ventilation, or heel support, you can be sure to find the perfect pair for you.