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ASICS women’s running trainers: designed for your body

Stretch out, lace up, get running. ASICS running shoes for women are trusted all over the world by professional athletes, marathon runners and casual joggers alike for their use of cutting-edge technology, complete comfort and durability. Whether you’re training for a long-distance competition or just need something to take you on your loop round the park, ASICS running shoes for women give you the complete kit.

ASICS women’s running shoes are trusted by millions of female runners around the world, not to mention professional distance runners like Emma Bates or Denna Kastor. So you’ll be running in good company. 

Trusted running shoes for women

We’ve spent seven decades making the best trainers for women – so we know exactly what it takes to build a pair you can depend on, stride after stride after stride. 

ASICS running shoes for women offer you superior comfort thanks to the use of our innovative GEL™ cushioning, lightweight and breathable uppers to keep you cool and structural designs to eliminate rubbing and pain. We have developed different kinds of women’s running trainers for different styles of running. For example, women’s GEL-KAYANO are a great all rounder for long distance running, while women’s METASPEED running shoes are ideal for middle distance track racing and 5ks. 

We design our trainers for women to be perfectly suited to your body shape and running style. They are narrower than men’s running shoes to accommodate women’s feet shape and size. Our sports shoes for women tend to be lighter in weight too, and are designed to match women’s skeletal and muscular structure. 

Choosing a pair of specially designed running shoes for women can help you avoid friction, injuries or fatigue - which is why it’s important to avoid generic footwear if you’re looking to do a lot of running. 

Substance and style with ASICS running trainers womens

ASICS women’s running shoes come in a wide variety of colours and styles so you can find the right design for your personal look. Whether you are looking for black trainers for women or any other shade, our colour selector allows you to narrow down to find your preferred tone. 

ASICS women's shoes complement our range of women’s clothing, and we also stock accessories including women’s socks and arm pouches to hold your phone while exercising.