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Maximise your run with ASICS’ premium range of running gear. For almost 70 years, we’ve been rigorously testing and designing some of the world’s most trusted and technically advanced running shoes and running clothing for men and women. Whether you compete in marathons, love going off-road or simply need something dependable for the gym, you’ll find your perfect match in our selection.

Choosing the right running gear is crucial to ensure you have a comfortable, safe run – that’s why we built our shoe finder guide to make sure you choose the right shoes for your feet. The same goes for clothes and running accessories – with comfortable, safe and practical running gear, your workouts will feel effortless.

You should expect running gear that fits comfortably for your running style and ambitions, which is designed to eliminate friction and rubbing, and allows you to focus all your energy on your run – and not on niggles and distractions.